I ❤ art + technology. Co-founder, CEO Vidcode. We make computational media courses for K-12 schools.

My computational art

The photos above feature two of my interactive art installations. The first, is using a kinect to measure how far the viewer is from the minimal black and white projection. Once the sensor sees you, the white squares come to life – moving up/down, making noise and responding to your proximity. The second, is a live performance in NYC using face mapping and high def video. In the image above, an actor is competing with a virtual performer for the audience’s’ attention.

My Work

I ❤ education

Vidcode was founded with a passion to deliver easy to use, open-ended, art + code projects to everyone. Over the last six years, I’ve spoken with over 1,500 K-12 teachers who are new to coding and supported over 400 schools to launch coding courses.

I ❤ speaking

I speak to audiences around the world about K-12 computer science, art + technology and how to engage more girls in coding. School visits, auditoriums, and EDU conferences – please reach out to my contact below.

Want Updates?

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Large Format Photography

Below you can see a selection of photographs taken on my 4 x 5 camera and medium format cameras. Many of my fine art photography projects are about communities of women.

About Me

I started my career as a photographer in New York City. As the field got increasingly technical, I decided to go back to graduate school to study computer programming. I wanted to build websites and make a better income in the long run.

In my first year of graduate school, I fell in love with the creative and collaboratives sides of coding. I began making interactive art installations, building programs with blob detection and hooking up Arduinos to different sculptures.

A year later, I discovered the world of startups through the WE festival. Again, I fell in love. This time with the idea of having the opportunity to build my own products direct to consumer.

A few months later, I met my co-founders at a hackathon and the rest is Vidcode history!

Clients & Investors

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